Potatoes with bacon

  • 6 pcs. potatoes
  • 100 grams of bacon
  • 40 grams of butter
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 4th century olive oil
  • salt pepper
  • dill

    Wash the potatoes well, dry them with a paper towel. Make cross cuts, without cutting completely, approximately every 5 mm. Mix the oil, garlic, salt and pepper well. Rub this mixture over the potatoes so that it also gets into the cuts and place them in the mold.Place the thinly sliced ​​bacon randomly into the cuts. Bake in a well-heated oven for 50 minutes at 190*.Meanwhile, melt the butter, add the finely chopped dill and mix. Brush the potatoes with aromatic oil before serving.
    Delicious 🤗

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